Canon Labs: VR Camera Simulator

Virtual reality development, 3D modelling
Nov 2016-Dec 2016
Built With: Unity 3D, Oculus Rift with Touch controls, Audodesk Fusion 360

During my second co-op term at the Canon Innovation Lab (September - December 2016), I spent 4 weeks working on the a virtual reality game, the Camera Simulator. The game allows players to try out select Canon camera bodies in combination with different lenses in a virtual environment, complete with the ability to adjust camera settings like ISO, aperture or shutter speed, and see their effects in real time in the photos taken.

In my 4 weeks on the project, I mainly worked on feature parity with the new Oculus Touch controllers. I worked on porting features like the camera menu functionalities, calibrating the exposure calculations, as well as introducing new features such as navigating the scene with the touch controller triggers, picking up physical models of the lenses and camera bodies with the controllers and attaching them to create a functional camera. I also 3D modelled the 3 lenses currently on the game, the 24-105mm, 50mm, and 70-200mm.

The game is currently released for free on Steam.

Gameplay with Touch controllers Progress of creating the 24-105mm lens model in Fusion 360 Final rendered model of 24-105mm