Cake Bots

Design report
Lego NXT prototyping
Oct 2015-Dec 2015
Built With: Lego NXT, plywood, icing dispensers, RobotC
The term project for Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering. Our group aimed to automate the process of cake decoration with a mechatronics system built using the Lego NXT Mindstorm, Lego parts, wood, and the Textrix prototyping kit.

The Cake Bot includes a platform that will turn the circular cake as the vertically-moving and horizontally-moving nozzles pipe icing on the sides and top of the cake, respectively.

I was responsible for the main mechanical build of the project, designing and prototyping with the Lego and Textrix pieces. All group members contributed intial alternative designs and creating functions for the NXT Robot in RobotC.

Software design flowchart