Mechatronics Projects

Projects integrating software and hardware.

VR Camera Simulator

VR Development, 3D modelling

A VR game supported on the Oculus Touch and Vive, allowing users to interact and...

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Cake Bots

lego NXT prototype

A mechatronics system built using the Lego NXT Mindstorm, Lego parts, wood, and the Textrix...

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hardware hack

An Android app that works with the Myo armband to remind and help early onset...

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Dry Erase Plotter


Dry Erase Plotter is a low energy alternative to the excessive monitors financial companies use...

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Touch Guitar

arduino powered guitar

Building an Arduino-driven guitar with a laser-cut wooden body and capacitive touch sensors.

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web development & marketing

DeepLearni is a fast growing machine learning startup specializing in developing intelligent solutions for financial...

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Homeline Bling

web & cloud communications

Homeline Bling is a hotline homeless people can call using a street payphone, and the...

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Science Expo

web & branding

Science Expo is the largest student-run organization in Canada, connecting youth to the STEM (Science,...

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Graphic Design

Various design work, including web design, product design, branding

Info Brochure

print media

Every year, the CyberARTS program hosts information nights about its program. This brochure was designed...

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Hi-Skule is an organziation at the University of Toronto organized by undergraduate engineering students, with...

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Zed Styles

product design

ZED Styles is a new proposed small business, providing clients with detailed, and customizable zipper...

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branding & UX

A job search app startup. My projects on the team included creating general branding promotional...

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Paintings, digital & traditional illustrations, misc sketches

The Burgerlar

traditional illustration

A burglar + a burger

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Something Fish-y

lighting design

A lighting fixture that exists in two states.

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If Your Love Isn't Strong

digital illustration

Painting of Danielle Haim from the band Haim

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studies & minor projects

A small collection of pieces from my sketchbook and other miscellaneous work over the past...

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Good Morning

traditional illustration

Self portrait inspired by the song "A Day in the Life" by The Beatles

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mixed media

Inspired by "If I Had a Nickel" by B.J. Novak, from his debut novel "One...

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Sammy's Story

kinetic typography

A short 1-minute kinetic typography video animated to my favourite quote from my favourite movie,...

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The Stag

digital illustration

A vector illustration of Will Graham from NBC's Hannibal.

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