26 Dec 2016 misc

I’m currently sitting in CF Fairview Mall’s cafetaria, at an empty table that I stubbornly fought for after circling around for close to 15 minutes. Because today is boxing day. And the library was closed. I have some regrets about this, as I glance at my laptop battery percentage, 17%, and see no power outlets in sight, but such is the punishment of putting off starting this blog up for 8 months.

Finally, this blog is alive! It has always been a feature on this portfolio site, but empty until now. What I envision will exist here:

  • More detailed documentation and process of some of my projects
  • Significant recent events
  • Photography

I’m not sure how this blog will evolve with more entries, or who will read this. I can’t promise my writing will be at all interesting, or insightful. Heck, I can almost guarentee most of these posts will be pretty bland and cheesy. But it’s almost 2017, and I’d like to challenge myself.

In order to hold myself accountable for updating this blog, I’ll list a few topics that I plan to include in this blog in the coming weeks/months.

  1. Sharing some shots from my first roll of 35mm film that I shot over the past month
  2. Recounting CFES Congress, which I will attend next week
  3. Reflecting on my recently completed second co-op, at the Canon Innovation Lab

Congratulations to both you and me for making it this far. Hopefully there will be more of this soon.

Signing off for now,